Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fireball Whisky Cupcakes

I just got done making a second batch of Fireball Whisky cupcakes. One of my work friends loves Fireball shots, tonight we are celebrating his birthday. 

I first tried making these cupcakes on Sunday. That box recipe only called for one cup of water, so I did a half of cup of water and half of cup of Fireball. They weren't very strong and I didn't add enough red food coloring. On the icing I kept adding the fireball by teaspoon, so it wasn't strong either.

For today's recipe I used a box of Pillsbury Moist Supreme: Classic White. Follow the recipe using three whole eggs. Instead of water use 3/4 cup of Fireball Whisky. I added lots of red food coloring. To make it more fun I folded in some red sprinkles in the batter. Once the batter is in the cups I covered the top with the red sprinkles. I only baked for 15 minutes (have a gas oven).

For the icing I followed my easy icing recipe.

1 stick of butter softened
1 TBSP of Vanilla
8oz of Cream Cheese
3 TBSP of Fireball Whisky
Red Food Coloring
4 Cups of Powdered Sugar

As I let the butter soften I let it sit in the tablespoon of vanilla, then mixed together. Add the 8oz of cream cheese until mixed together. Added two tablespoons of the whiskey, red food coloring, and 3 cups of powdered sugar. I then added another tablespoon of whiskey, more red food coloring and some more powdered sugar.

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