Thursday, August 29, 2013

Amaretto Sour Cupcakes

I've reached a 1,000 views! So that made me finally motivated me to try an Amaretto Sour cupcake!

Follow the instructions on the box except substitute (for water):
 3oz amaretto
 6oz sweet & sour cocktail mix
 1/2oz Sprite or 7up

& DO NOT ADD any water! 

*I put the timer on for 15 minutes (I have a gas oven), I tried the tooth pick test and they seemed done. I left them in for a few more minutes though.

1 stick unsalted butter (soft)
2 TBSP teaspoon sweet & sour mix
2 TBSP amaretto
4 cups confectioners sugar
1 TBSP heavy cream

*Mix butter, sweet & sour mix, and 1 TBSP amaretto on low
*Gradually add the confectioners sugar to you get the right consistency
*Add 1 TBSP heavy cream- mix on medium for amount a minute

*The cupcake themselves have a great amaretto sour taste, even the icing but I am trying to make the icing more workable. As pictured you see I just had to spread on.